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New Babylon

by GUS

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Video of the extended version available at: youtu.be/TRHAkqrMKX0


New Babylon by Gus.

You promised us a life of pleasure,
no more toil, the end of strife,
automation would lead to leisure,
a revolution of everyday life.

You promised us a city full of love
where nothing would be illegal,
You promised us to speak the truth,
we would all live in our own cathedral

so, hey Raoul Vaneigem
Constant Nieuwenhuis, Guy Debord
hey Henri Lefebvre
I've come to accept my reward

Don't go to church, don't build a chapel. Oh no,
instead i've sold my soul to Apple.
We've all become cogs in the machine,
just bits in the torrent, bits flowing in the stream.

We've fallen from Grace into the Gutter,
from Homo Ludens to Homo Sucker.
You promised us you'd abolish work,
but i've become a Mechanical Turk

so, hey Raoul Vaneigem
Michelle Bernstein, Asger Jorn
hey Ivan Chtcheglov
I've come to accept my reward.

(new Babylon)

take me to New Babylon
whatever happened to New Babylon?
where did it go? New Babylon
why didn't you build New Babylon?

Theorists, You could have made a new society,
instead of just, writing essays on the punks.
You could have helped us to build the Hacienda,
But all you left us with, was a pile of books, ya c-nts

Although your Dérives sound fantastic,
All that theory piled up on the shelves.
Because you didn't put it into practice,
we'll just have to do it for ourselves

We have to build
New Babylon.
we have to dream
New Babylon!,
we have to create New Babylon
we have to scream New Babylon

Old Babylon of the technocrats will burn.
The towers of the banks will fall in turn,
And when, in the end, we've destroyed the state,
we''re gonna party like it's 1968!!

New Babylon.


released April 10, 2016


all rights reserved



GUS Sheffield, UK

Gus has been making music with friends, with computers and on his own since he was about 8.

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